Petmail - Recent News

03 Sep 2009: site is back

This site was completely offline for the last few months, I'd actually forgotten about it while repurposing some hardware, and shut down an old machine without first moving the site to the new machine.

The mailing list, the buildbot, and the demo address/ticket servers are not available, and unless I put some more energy into Petmail one of these years, are likely to not come back (the mailing list archives are on an offline disk; I may find some time to pull the messages off and bring them over here). The CVS/Darcs browsers are offline for good, if I spin up this project again, I'll probably export everything into Git and publish the code on instead.

But the docs, paper, codecon slides, release tarballs, and debian packages are all back online.

20 Jul 2005: buildbot offline

The Petmail buildbot is offline. I'm moving around some servers, and hope to bring it back online in about two or three weeks.

Current development work is concentrated on creating a web-page interface to create and edit Identities, and to manipulate the Address Books. This will support the XMLRPC control interfaces that will be used by the Thunderbird plugin.

Also, I'm looking into using OpenID names as Petmail Names, basically allowing the use of a URL instead of a user@host-style RFC821 address.

I've updated the design paper. I'll be attending the the CEAS 2005 spam conference tomorrow, and maybe I can convince some folks there to come take a look at it.

20 Jun 2005: petmail-0.2.2 released

A new minor release is out, available here. This moves Petmail to Twisted-2.0.1, cleaning up a number of test failures and warnings in the process. It also fixes an embarrasing bug in the web interface to the address server application: the delete this entry action was triggered by a simple link rather than a proper form button, meaning that any IDRecords which might have been published there were deleted by Google and other crawlers as they indexed the site every few days. Oops.

Development has also moved to Darcs. You can follow along by pulling a tree with:

darcs get

The ViewCVS interface is still online, but only shows history up to the point where the codebase was moved. I do not have a Darcs web viewer available yet, but I will eventually.

29 Oct 2004: petmail-0.2.1 released

There is a new minor release now available, which adds preliminary Jabber support. So far you can only use a pre-existing Jabber account to send messages to other users with Jabber accounts, but eventually this will let Petmail offer a full spectrum of real-time messaging.

For details, look at the README.Jabber file at the top of the distribution.

24 Aug 2004: petmail-0.2.0 released

There is a new release of Petmail available in the downloads section. No new features (in fact a few have been turned off: the POP3/IMAP server is currently disabled), but a great deal of infrastructure reorganization has taken place, in preparation for the development of MUA plugins. The Petmail Agent is being separated out from the GUI frontend. In the next release, they will be completely separate programs, communicating with a well-defined local protocol. MUA plugins will use a similar protocol to talk to an Agent running on the same host. A lot of Mixminion setup work has been done as well.

An Address Server is running on host, port 10000, and you can see the current records being published through a web server at There is also a simple Ticket Server running with a URL of . Both of these should work with petmail-0.2.0 .

Happy Hacking!

23 Jul 2004: BuildBot, ViewCVS online

I've finally gotten the Petmail buildbot online. The BuildBot is an automated build/test framework that runs our unit tests each time a file is checked in.

The ViewCVS page shows you a complete history of the CVS archive, so you can see all of the code in-between releases. I haven't figured out a reasonable way to provide anonymous-cvs access, but in the meantime the viewcvs page is a close second.

21 Feb 2004: CodeCon Slides online

The CodeCon Slides are online.

Also, an apt-gettable .deb repository is available for users who run debian/sid.

15 Feb 2004: petmail-0.1.3 released, now with SMTP/POP proxy

The 0.1.3 release has basic support for running as a proxy in front of your MUA. I've tested it against Balsa and mozilla-thunderbird and it seems to work ok. Authentication is still silly (the POP3 password is always secret), but it works.

12 Feb 2004: design paper in progress

The design paper, from which the CodeCon presentation will be derived, is about 60% complete and is available on the docs page.

07 Feb 2004: petmail-0.1.2 released, now with IMAP poller

0.1.2 is available in the downloads directory. This release adds an IMAP client which will poll an IMAP server (every 10 minutes by default). It should only consume messages that are distinguished by having a subject line of PETMAIL MESSAGE, but I would still advise routing your petmail messages into a separate IMAP folder (both for safety and for performance).

30 Jan 2004: petmail-0.1.1 released

0.1.1 is available for download. This release installs a sensible executable into /usr/bin/petmail (at last!) instead of requiring the hacked up Makefile target.