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 On the other hand, meeting new people is arguably the whole point of using
 computers in communications. Networks help us make connections with people
 which were completely inconceivable 50 years ago. They make it possible to
 find people of similar interests on the other side of the planet and
 communicate with them more or less for free.
 Any system which makes it harder for new people to contact you damages the
 thing that makes email such a wonderful tool. I want something better than
 blacklists and micropayment schemes, as these encourage more centralized
 control, and punish the innocent. I depend upon spamassassin to save me
 from the 300 or 400 spams I get each day, but I also have to cull the
 spambucket continually to catch the false positives. Content filters are an
 arms race, and they are changing how we communicate in bad ways: have you
 ever type "hey you gotta check out this link" and then caught yourself
 because you knew it might get snagged by a spamfilter?
 You can make a strong argument that giving all people free access to your
 inbox is the very definition of free speech.